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The Englander Sports Pub and Restaurant also has a wonderful selection of pasta entrees including fettuccine al Pollo, portabella ravioli seafood fettuccine, fettuccine primavera, and spaghetti and meatball. All the pasta entrees come with garlic bread. The fettuccine al Pollo features fresh fettuccine pasta, chicken with spinach, leeks in pesto sauce, and mushrooms. The portabella ravioli features fresh pasta dough with portabella mushrooms toppings, prepared in a garlic cream sauce. The Englander’s seafood fettuccine comprises fettuccine pasta, and a mix of scallops, salmon, and prawns in a garlic cream sauce. The fettuccine primavera consists of soft fettuccine pasta with fresh garden vegetables tossed in a light garlic cream sauce. The Englander’s spaghetti and meatball selection is something you should not overlook as long as your dinner selections are involved.

In the mood for a burger? Choose from the Englander’s wonderful selection of burgers that include chili burger, barbeque burger, California barbeque, blackened chicken burger, and the veggie burger. All burgers come with your choice of sweet potato fries or battered fries. You are allowed to substitute these for jalapeno bottle caps or garlic fries at an extra cost. Cheese choices include bleu, pepper jack, provolone, and cheddar cheese.

The chili burger features a delicious half-pound beef patty topped with the Englander’s house-made chili, melted cheese, and onions. The barbeque burger features a half-pound char-broiled burger smothered with the restaurant’s house-made barbeque sauce and melted cheese. If you are looking for a vegan burger selection, then the veggie burger is for you. This selection features a wonderful veggie patty with melted cheese and grilled zucchini toppings. The blackened chicken burger features a juicy chicken breast fillet, charbroiled and basted with blackened seasoning, and with melted swiss cheese toppings. The California burger is a 0.5-pound burger topped with a slice of melted cheese, avocado, and crisp bacon

The Englander Sports Pub and Restaurant does not disappoint when it comes to desserts either. The caramel apple pie features sliced granny smith apples with the Englander’s house-made filling, baked in a butter crust, laced with brown sugar and cinnamon, and a touch of rich caramel sauce. CrEme BrUlEe comprises a smooth and rich creme caramel custard, well baked, and with caramelized sugar toppings. Dulce De Leche Cheesecake comprises a creamy and rich cheesecake swirled and flavored with caramel in a graham cracker crust, with elegant caramel drizzle details, and caramel mousse toppings. The banana split comprises sliced banana with strawberry ice cream, chocolate, and vanilla, covered with cherry, your favorite toppings, and creamy whipped topping.

All in all, The Englander Sports Pub and Restaurant provides you with the best environment to watch sports over a wonderful meal and drinks. Come by and check them out (they’re right next door to the Rausch Sturm building.)