Boost your Appetite at Englander Sports Pub and Restaurant

With an establishment such as the Englander Sports Pub and Restaurant, it’s easy to understand why patrons keep coming back to watch their favorite teams play. Some of the customers at the Englander Sports Pub and Restaurant have been loyal patrons since they were younger. Watching a game at the Englander Sports Pub and Restaurant because they play the audio for crucial matches over the speakers. Some sports pubs do not play audio sound over speakers, which is another reason why you should visit the Englander Sports Pub and Restaurant.

You don’t have to wait for your favorite team to play to visit the Englander Sports Pub and Restaurant. You can pop in anytime you are hungry because the food rocks. The restaurant has a decent menu lineup consisting of a wonderful selection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts that promise to delight the palate. The meals are prepared using freshly sourced ingredients to ensure you have a wonderful dining experience.

The Englander Sports Pub and Restaurant knows how to give you a good start to your dining experience. Their delightful appetizers will give you the appetite you need for the main event. One of the restaurant’s most popular appetizers is the onion rings. The onion rings consist of slices of sweet onion rings that are fried until they are golden crisp after being dipped in a delicate beer batter. The Restaurant’s housemade Quesadilla is also to die for. This appetizer consists of grilled flour tortilla with your choice of cheese, tandoori, or grilled chicken, served with chives, sour cream, salsa, green onions, and jalapenos.

The popcorn shrimp is quite a wonderful adventure. It comprises morsels of plump, delicious shrimp that’s fried until it’s golden crisp after being dipped in red hook ale beer batter. If you would like something a little bit hot, your best bet is the fire-roasted jalapeno poppers. This selection is a bit hot on the inside, but on the outside, it is lightly breaded, fried crunchy, and filled with cheese. The restaurant’s nachos feature fresh tortilla chips with toppings of crispy battered jalapenos, green onions, olives, cheddar cheese, and chili beans.

If you loved the Englander’s appetizers, you will be thrilled by their selection of entrees. If you had to try only one entree, try the salmon. This selection is very delicious and you can choose to have your salmon fillet poached or grilled. This selection features a creamy dill sauce topping and comes with vegetables and rice pilaf. The chicken breast cutlet is also quite lovely. It features a soft, panko-coated chicken breast with capers white wine sauce and lemon toppings served with vegetables and mashed potatoes. Up for some barbeque? You can never go with the Englander’s selection of barbeque tri-tip. The tri-tips are topped with their house-made barbeque sauce and a choice of either french fries or baked beans. Another entree worth your consideration is the hot and sweet shrimp. This selection features plump, sauteed shrimp in the restaurant’s hot & sweet sauce, and comes with steamed rice. Still, on the hot and sweet end, we have the hot and sweet scallops. This selection comprises succulent scallops grilled in the restaurant’s house-made hot & sweet sauce and comes with steamed rice.